Founded in 1923, the Ohio Association of Football Officials started as a means for participants in the avocation of football officiating to collaborate in an attempt to refine their craft, open up doors to new opportunity, and to fellowship with colleagues from around the area. With Ohio being one of the front runners of the development of American football, it makes sense that many of the greats to have ever taken the field with the task of protecting the game came from Ohio. Many of which were then, and always will be, a part of the OAFO.

Over the years, members of the OAFO have worked tirelessly to protect the game, develop new officials, and look out for one another as the officiating community expanded. The adoption of the Irish Krieger scholarship foundation, named after member E.C. "Irish" Krieger, is just one of the many accomplishments by the OAFO to help the members with more than just life between the sidelines.

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